I am at my happiest when I am immersed in new cultures, new people, new designs and new colleagues. Keeping myself stimulated is a full time job on it's own.

Warm weather and bare feet make my heart sing.

Good cheese and wine can help solve the worlds problems with the right company (ok not really but I do love some couch time with my girls)

Spring a surprise road trip on me and I will be your best friend forever!

My passion for playing dress-ups as a child and spending time in the dark room with my grandfather grew into a deep love of photography and a tendency to lean to giving everything a little touch of flair. Hence the natural progression into fashion photography.

After years of working in the portrait and glamour industry, I started working with a few labels and found myself really drawn to the style of shooting that fashion photography lends itself to. I started building my team of stylists, hair, and makeup artists, along with all the amazing crews that come part and parcel with the brands we work alongside and I have never looked back.

Influenced by playful narratives, colour and elegance, I enjoy creating stories with a cinematic approach. I'm inspired by strength, unique beauty and timeless style.